Our Team

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Brooke, Assistant Hospital Manager/Animal Care Supervisor at San Antonio Animal Hospital

Hospital Manager

Brooke has been a part of the Towne North team since October 2010 and now works as the Hospital Manager although she started in Animal Care, cross trained into Vet Tech, and learned the Client Service Specialist department when she became the Assistant Hospital Manager years prior. With a passion for animals that dates back to childhood, Brooke has been in the field for a number of years before joining TNAH and currently has two fur babies of her own; Arnold a spunky but loving Siamese and Khalessi a feisty little lady that she adopted after someone left her in some bushes alone at 4 weeks old. When not at work Brooke enjoys yoga, reading, cooking, movies, football, spending time with family and friends and traveling whenever possible.

Client Services Specialists

Kaela - Supervisor

Kaela at San Antonio Animal Clinic

Kaela became Towne North family as of July 2014 and actively works as one our outstanding Client Service Specialist! Her love for animals goes way beyond the hospital and into her full house she shares with her husband Dylan and Maple an energetic lab mix, Skye a Siberian Husky mix,  two cats Nala and Scout, three beautiful snakes Atticus, Clover and Boo, and one tortoise named Magnus! When not working or playing with one of her many pets Kaela enjoys a good cat nap!


Carol of Towne North Animal HospitalCarol joined the Towne North team as of March 2015 with a love for animals that starts at home with the cutest gang of pups; Emma, Lita and Paddie. Carols big heart encompasses her big family, Son and daughter in law George and Susan, and wonderful grandsons Jamie and Justin, as well and her lovely daughter and son in law Laurie and Josh and other delightful grandsons Oliver, Eli, and Wyatt and her superb dad Jim. When Carol isn’t hard at work, loving on her fur family or spending quality time with her human family you can be sure to find her enjoy her down time gardening.


Dana of Towne North Animal HospitalDana came on board as of June 2015 as one of our amazing Client Service Specialists! With her own gang of animals at home including; Cayman a handsome golden retriever, Hussy the magnificent Maine Coon mix, Sprinkles a cute short hair, and last but not least the adorable Tink a domestic medium hair cat. Somehow Dana manages work, all her pets, and a beautiful family; her hubby Clark and wonderful son and daughter Ty and Lilleigh. When not at work Dana enjoys her down time gardening or taking every chance to get down to the beach or lake!


Cookie of Towne North Animal HospitalWe welcomed Cookie to TNAH as of May 2018 as one of our compassionate CSS! Cookie loves providing excellent care to people as much as she loves the fur babies! Her passionate nature starts at home with her own big family! She shares a home with her husband Ron and loves to enjoy her free time with her kids; her daughter Katie and son in law Jonathon, son Tim and daughter in law Starr, daughter Kimberly and her chiweenie and her amazing grandsons Nathan and Nicholas! When Cookie isn’t doing everything in her power at work to provide the best care, or with her family you can catch her unwinding by reading or star gazing at night.

Sara, Laboratory/Client Liaison at San Antonio Animal Hospital

Laboratory Specialist/Veterinary Technician

Sara is our Laboratory Specialist/Client Liaison and a much helpful hand to all our departments throughout the hospital. Sara has been a part of the Towne North family originally since November 2001 with a brief break the following year to have her daughter. We were lucky to welcome Sara back in late 2004 and she has been here ever since! Outside of work Sara enjoys spending time with her daughter Penny, Siberian Husky/Shar Pei mix Piper, her little black cat Peashey, and Freckles a leopard gecko! With them she spends quality time making as many trips as possible to the beach, river, and fishing and makes the best of her time at home baking, cooking, and making jewelry.  

Veterinary Technicians

Carlos - Veterinary Technician Supervisor

Carlos at San Antonio Animal Clinic

Carlos is our Lead Veterinary Technician here at Towne North, and has been with us since October of 2000. During Carlos’ down time, he enjoys spending time with his son, and a sweet Pomeranian named Rocky. Carlos is a big Cubs fan and always rooting for a Championship! 


Courtney of Towne North Animal HospitalCourtney joined the team in June of 2016 with a full background working in animals prior. Just like the rest of us her love of animals never stops at work as she has two of the cutest Chihuahuas you’ve ever seen Coco Princess and Bandit. She is definitely a hard worker, but if she isn’t working you can catch her birding, camping (almost anything outdoors really) painting or working on puzzles.


Krystalyn of Towne North Animal HospitalKrystalyn joined the Towne North team as of March 2016 as one of our fantastic Animal Care Technicians, became the AC Supervisor and began cross training as a Technician, as of May 2018 she has began her next step as a full time Vet Tech! Just like the rest of us though, she doesn’t get enough love from the pets here at work and has a few of her own fur babies at home. Max, a chow terrier mix, Abbie a shih tzu mix, shadow a tortie feline, and Jake a schnauzer mix! Somehow she finds space in her house for her boyfriend Cris too! When Krystalyn isn’t at Towne North working hard, you can catch her doing what she loves; traveling, working with her boyfriend on their drift cars, going to drift events, reading, watching a good movie or going to the gym!


Dawn at San Antonio Animal Clinic

Rachel joined our TNAH family as of June 2017! We have been so lucky to bring her on board as her heart and passion for animals is bigger than you could imagine! Of course she has a pack of her own at home; Katty, a big personality torti cat, Cholula the sweet loving terrier mix, and Bruce and Kylo Ren the beautiful bata fish of the household. When Rachel isn’t working with patients at work you can bet she’s spending some quality time with her boyfriend Travis, taking Cholula for walks, playing video games, gardening or making some of the best baked good you’ve ever had!


Tyler at San Antonio Animal Clinic

Tyler became a part of the Towne North Family in November 2017 as one of our great Veterinary Technicians! As most here at TNAH, her love for animals dates back into her childhood and now she has a brewed of her own; 4 shih-tzus! Bandit, Charlie, Dallas (the girls) and Chewbacca the man of the pack, plus one kitten – Tom aka Mr. Kitty! Tyler remains busy with work and school but those few moments of free time you can catch her reading, watching horror movies, or working on her SFX make-up skills!

Animal Care Technicians

Regina – Animal Care Supervisor

Regina of Towne North Animal HospitalWe welcomed Regina to TNAH in July 2017 as one of our spectacular Animal Care Technicians. She gets all her dog and cat love here while caring for patients but is preparing to adopt or foster in the future! She resides in SA with her boyfriend while the rest of her family remains in Lubbock, Texas where she grew up! Regina is an artsy kind of girl whose hobbies include diy projects, reading and watching a good movie!


Cassandra of Towne North Animal HospitalCassandra joined our family as of April 2018 as another fantastic Animal Care Technician to support all of our boarding fur babies and assist our technicians when necessary. When Cassandra isn’t at Towne North working hard providing excellent care she is enjoying time with her Twin sister who is her other half, reading horror books like Steven King and Dean Koontz and practicing her photography skills!


Hanna of Towne North Animal HospitalHanna became one of our awesome Animal Care Technicians as of May 2018 providing some of the best care for our boarding babies and assisting around the hospital wherever she is needed! He love for pets starts at home with her own group; Frida a Chiweenie and two cats Maze and Luci. When she isn’t here diligently working to care for any of her patients she is relaxing by practicing her photography, drawing and fishing!



Conny at San Antonio Animal Clinic

Conny is one of our wonderful groomer here at Towne North and joined our team as of January 2015! Conny loves animals and has a big group of her own fur babies at home. 3 lovely dogs; Maus, Peggy and FeÕhchen (and foster pup Walter), 2 cats “no name” (that’s his name!) and Ramstein, along with two cute little sugar gliders Momo and Hyde! When not working Conny delights in helping other organizations such as San Antonio Pets Alive fostering pets in need or spending time with her family when she can - keeping up with three grown boys can pose a challenge!